Re: Restonic

> Anyone have any input on these beds?

Restonic is an independent mattress company with retail outlets and factories across the country. Founded in 1938 they have received Consumer Digest Best Buy nods on 6 occasions. They are headquartered in Buffalo New York.

They have a pretty slick website at:

As with ALL mattress companies, there are good beds and those that are not so good. Same is true for Restonic.

In your case there a couple of interesting points:

1) A 100% latex bed should have been great for your back. It sounds like something may have been up with that…but not knowing the situation it’s tough to say. But generally speaking, latex kicks some serious butt.

2) Your weight is light…even though it’s normal for pillow top mattresses to show body impressions, for your case, it was very fast. If you don’t want body impressions so quickly then a bed without a big slab of extra padding that can matte down on top would likely be a good idea…perhaps a plush or even a luxury firm may be the ticket for you.

If you live in the Los Angeles area of California, Dreamland Mattress in Covina can get you a Stresso-pedic mattress of whatever type you like.

I’m always happy to answer any type of mattress inquiry. I have 30 years experience in the industry.

Check out my blog at:

Email me at:

Or call me at 626 331-8044 and I’ll try to answer any questions that you may have. I give honest opinions and believe me, I have a lot of them.

Have a great day!

Bruce Burnett
Dreamland Discount Mattress
1007 N. Azusa Ave Covina CA 91723
626 331-8044


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  1. Kait Says:

    Thanks for the reply. I wrote to you via your gmail account and it was returned. Not sure if you want my missive on your blog.

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