Chateau® Collection Now Available!





The world’s finest mattresses for the world’s finest homes. One of the largest, family-owned bedding manufacturers on the West Coast, the Chateau Collection’s fine, hand-crafted mattresses combine exclusive materials with experienced craftsmen, creating the most incredibly supportive, comfortable and dependable beds available today.

Materials from all over the globe—cashmere from Tibet, fine silk from China, wool from New Zealand, bamboo from Thailand, cottons from Alabama, and damasks from Belgium—are combined with pocketed coil spring units, the most technologically advanced , high-grade upholstery layers, natural latex materials and Chateau’s exclusive “edge” with buckskin suede border fabric.

Experience this blend of modern technology with timeless luxury in your pursuit of relaxation and rejuvenation.

A leader in Eco-Friendly materials, the Chateau Collection utilizes organic, cottons, wools, bamboo, and aloe vera. Soy based foams and Eco-Friendly fire retardants help to prevent out gassing of dangerous petro-chemical properties. Water based lamination of the padding layers doesn’t involve chemicals glues and helps to keep you and your loved ones safer!

5 styles of Chateau Collection mattresses are now proudly featured by Dreamland Mattress.

The Capri Pillow Top

The Christelle Tight Top

The Christelle Pillow Top

The Barcelona Pillow Top

Come in today to have a look at these incredible values!


3 Responses to “Chateau® Collection Now Available!”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Are these the same Chateau Collection mattresses that they had at Wicks Furniture?

    They were extremely nice but the cost on them was sky high. I think a couple of them were over two thousand dollars!

    Please let me know…I have wished from the day I first saw them that I had bought one while Wicks was still around…

    Thank you!


    • dreamlandmattress Says:

      Thanks for the question Jenna! Yes these are the same Chateaus from Wicks. I think that they are a real winner! These are somewhat different than the ones you likely saw because those were probably the 2009 series. This new 2011 line has features that line did not.

      The 2011 line is much more of an Earth friendly bed. They added some nice look and feel to the line as well. The buckskin suede side panels not only look fantastic but they help hold the sheets tighter to the mattress.

      Also the pocketed coil spring units have been upgraded to the 744 unit which is even better than the units used in the mattresses that you saw previously! Stop on by and I will get you a FANTASTIC deal!

  2. mattresses buyer Says:

    Excellent mattress buy!…

    Chateau Collection is AWESOME!

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