Chateau Collection 2011 Fall Spectacular – The BEST Of The BEST For LESS!

.“Chateau Collection Barcelona Pillow Top Sets On SALE!

Compare this top quality eco-friendly queen set at over $3699!

February and March’s  “Dream Deal” queen set is ONLY $1899!

You save $800!

Come in today to reserve yours while this “Dream Deal” value lasts!

The world’s finest mattresses for the world’s finest homes. One of the largest, family-owned bedding manufacturers on the West Coast, the Chateau Collection’s fine, hand-crafted mattresses combine exclusive materials with experienced craftsmen, creating the most incredibly supportive, comfortable and dependable beds available today.

Materials from all over the globe—cashmere from Tibet, fine silk from China, wool from New Zealand, bamboo from Thailand, cottons from Alabama, and damasks from Belgium—are combined with pocketed coil spring units, the most technologically advanced , high-grade upholstery layers, natural latex materials and Chateau’s exclusive “edge” with buckskin suede border fabric.

Experience this blend of modern technology with timeless luxury in your pursuit of relaxation and rejuvenation.

A leader in Eco-Friendly materials, the Chateau Collection utilizes organic, cottons, wools, bamboo, and aloe vera. Soy based foams and Eco-Friendly fire retardants help to prevent out gassing of dangerous petro-chemical properties. Water based lamination of the padding layers doesn’t involve chemicals glues and helps to keep you and your loved ones safer!


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2 Responses to “Chateau Collection 2011 Fall Spectacular – The BEST Of The BEST For LESS!”

  1. Jimmy K Says:

    What an AWESOME bed…I saw this same bed at over $3000 and I picked one up for my favorite aunt for $1299! How can you beat that? Not a closeout! Not scuffed! Not some “liquidation” crap that was sitting in God knows what warehouse for how long before I got it! Straight from the factory to aunties house! Killer sales guy…I actually had fun! Found these guys on they had a fantastic rating there….5 out of 5 stars! I WILL be back when I need another bed!

  2. tokistarcey Says:

    Hi Bruce! It’s Stacey from yesterday… I’ll come by probably around the 19th to buy the mattress and then hopefully have it delivered on the 20th! Hope that works for ya’ll! See ya then!

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