Mattress Mans Dreamland Guide For Buying A Mattress

Getting started

It’s a pretty good guess to say that you already are having issues with comfort or you wouldn’t be looking to buy a new mattress set.  Most people sleep on their mattresses at least 2-3 years too long. You use your mattress more than any other product you own with the exception of your refrigerator, and that’s only because it never turns off. The average person will use their mattress 6-9 hours a night, 365 days a year.  Use this mattress guide to help you get the rest and comfort that let’s you wake up feeling rested and invigorated! Your Dreamland sleep specialist will be happy to provide you with specification information, but you are the ONLY one who can truly pick the correct mattress for you.
Choosing the right size

Sizing on mattresses are completely standardized. Standard mattress dimensions are king, 76×80 inches; California king, 72×84 inches; queen, 60×80 inches; full, or double, 53×75 inches,  twin, 38×75 inches, and extra long twin, 38×80. If you are looking for a double or full size…remember to think about the height of the sleeper. This is true with twin sizes as well, if a sleeper is 6 feet tall…it’s likely that a full or twin will not be long enough.
Try an Innerspring  first

An innerspring mattress is the most common choice and often the least expensive. Time tested…we have a very good idea of how long these products retain their vitality and comfort. Visco-Elastic memory foam,  is heat-sensitive and conforms to your body. Tempur-Pedic is the big name, but there are many other brands that use the same and in some cases superior foam components.  Another option is latex, a natural rubber product known for it’s conforming support, durability, and Eco-friendliness.
Decide where to shop

Never buy a mattress online. If you can’t lay on it…don’t buy it. That goes for stores like Costco or Sam’s club where you can’t try the product out.

Department stores and chain mattress stores have frequent “sales” and the typical smaller selection of 4 or 5 brands mostly relying on the “S” brands, but they can be crowded, cluttered, and short on sales help. As an independent bedding specialist, Dreamland Mattress offers plenty of variety and a wealth of mattress knowledge. Having a store in the same location for over 2 decades will do that for you!
The private labeling name game

Manufacturers private label mattresses for a variety of sellers, changing the color, padding, quilting pattern, and so forth, thus making it impossible to comparison shop. Each retailer can call the mattress by a different name. Consumers are the losers. Yes…it’s horrible, but completely legal. At Dreamland Mattress, we hate this…it does absolutely nothing for the consumer.
Choosing the right feel

Be careful with what the mattress companies refer to as “plush” or “firm”…you know what you like. One company’s ultra-plush might be another companies super-soft. At one time orthopedists recommended sleeping on a very firm mattress, but the views on support have changed over time.  The director of the Stanford University Center for Human Sleep Research says “The best surface is purely subjective”.

If a mattress is too firm, it won’t support the body evenly and may cause discomfort at the heaviest points (hips and shoulders). If it’s too soft, a sleeper could sink into the surface and have a hard time moving, which could cause tingling, numbness, or aches.

The leading professor of ergonomics at Cornell University, noted that the best mattress supports the spine evenly at all points while allowing it to maintain its natural curve. By age 40, skin loses elasticity and becomes more sensitive to pressure points, so a softer, more cushioned sleep surface is more comfortable. “Slightly softer works better because there’s less compression on the skin,” he said. In this case a “luxury firm” or “cushion firm” or “pillowtop” may be a better choice.

Certainly take suggestions from your sleep specialist at Dreamland, but always remember…you are the best determiner of what feels right to you.
Lay down on it! The in-store test

Don’t be embarrassed, TRY the bed out! Don’t be shy. Wear looser fitting clothes and shoes that you can take off easily. Spend a good 5 minutes on each side and on your back as well.  If you sleep on your stomach, try the in-store bed on your stomach as well. Spending a few extra minutes in the store lying on a bed gives you a much better chance of finding the best bed for your needs.

Do you even NEED to buy a new box?

If your current foundation is only a few years old, consider using it with a new mattress. boxes normally outlast mattresses 3 to 1.

If your new mattress is really thick, you might consider purchasing it with “low profile” foundation, 4 to 6 inches thick. Many companies charge extra for these custom foundations. At Dreamland Mattress, there is no additional charge for the custom boxes.


They cover defects in materials and workmanship, not comfort or normal wear. They’re usually in effect for 10 years to 20 years. Some warranties don’t cover full replacement value; instead an annual usage charge is deducted from the current retail price. Those are called limited warranties. Tempur-pedic’s 20 year warranty is an example of a limited warranty. After the first year is passed it will cost you money to have your mattress repaired.

Not so with most mattress warranties at Dreamland. We carry mattresses with non-prorated warranties. That mean fixed or replaced for FREE for the entire length of the warranty, normally between 10-20 years in length. Not included in warranties are things you DO to the mattress…namely rips, tears, stains, and burns.

When you make a claim, the store or manufacturer sends an inspector to your house. You’ll need to show a receipt. If you say the mattress has sagged, the inspector checks whether the dip is below the allowable limit, 1 1/2 inches. A company will void a warranty if you remove the “do not remove” tag, if the mattress is soiled, or if it has uneven support from a box spring or frame–a common reason for sagging, says Stan Steinreich, a Simmons spokesman.
Wait for a sale, and bargain

Specialty mattresses usually have a set price, but you can save at least 50 percent off list price for an innerspring at Dreamland. Ads for “blowout” sales make such events sound rare. But at Dreamland they aren’t. If the price is good, buy; if not, wait. We have an extremely low pressure sales team. Don’t fall for high pressure sales techniques that are used by major retailers.

An advertised “bargain” may not be all it seems, so check it out. A flyer we saw for a mattress store touted 75 percent savings on mattresses, but a footnote showed that the list price from which the discount was figured “may not be based on real sales.”

Make the deal

Ask about removal of your old mattress (some store delivery personnel will take it to the curb, or charge to haul it away). Some companies charge as much as $100 for local delivery and as much as $25 each piece for removal of the old mattress set. Dreamland Mattress will do local delivery, set up, AND haul away for only $40.

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