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My boyfriend and I were shopping for a new mattress and the first place we went to was our local Sit N Sleep. We “thought” we got a good deal on a mattress and we put half down on it because we still wanted to visit Dreamland before we made our final choice.  We had two friends previously buy mattresses from Dreamland and they were extremely pleased.

Needless to say, we cancelled our Sit n Sleep order the same day we went to Dreamland.  Bruce is the owner and he is such a nice guy and extremely helpful in helping you find the best mattress for your needs and price range.  We ended up getting an even better deal as well as a better mattress than what we would have gotten at another place.  Bruce was also nice enough to give us a free metal bed frame, free next day delivery along with set up and haul away of our old mattress.

If you are looking for a new mattress, do yourself a favor and go visit Bruce at Dreamland. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Both my b/f and I are sleeping better than we have ever slept!


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