Another Customer review of Dreamland Mattress!

  • Review from Denise D.

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    Covina, CA


    Let me start off by saying the Bruce is super cool.  I walked in on a Friday afternoon and had a mattress by Saturday afternoon.  My fiance (now husband) was moving in that weekend and I was in desperate need of a mattress set.  I did a quick yelp search and based on the reviews decided to come to Dreamland.  I’m sure glad I came here.
    I first noticed the awesome music playing in the store.  No elevator music here.  Bruce is a music lover and you can tell by the different types of music playing.  He asked me a few questions and then showed my different options within my price range.  Bruce even explained a lot about the mattress industry that I didn’t know.  Mostly shady stuff that he doesn’t like to involve himself with.  I spent  longer in the store than I intended but Bruce was so very charismatic and a great storyteller.  So much so you won’t want to leave.  But when you do, you’ll leave the store with a great mattress, some money still left in your pocket and smile of your face.

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