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Adjustable Beds! This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Bed! (Though It Could Be)

January 8, 2016

Dreamland Adjustable Beds

Our Line Of Adjustable Beds Are Value Priced At About 50% The Cost Of The Comparable Product At Other Major Retailers!


All Dreamland’s adjustable beds come with both wireless remote and massage as standard features!


Nothing compares to the comfort of an adjustable bed for watching movies or even reading a good book! No more piling up pillows!


Nothing beats the spinal support and comfort afforded by an adjustable bed from Dreamland!


Working from home just became a whole lot more comfortable! If it’s that big project from work that just has to get done, doesn’t mean that you can’t work in comfort!

We here at Dreamland have created the ultimate in healthful, restful sleep and comfort. We have paired our awesome Ergo adjustable beds with mattresses designed specifically for spinal comfort and support from Spinal Care. Take the world’s best adjustable base and combine it with one of Spinal Cares spectacular mattresses or take it to the next level and combine your new adjustable bed with a Hybrid Collection mattress for the ultimate in support and comfort!

The world’s finest mattresses for the world’s finest homes. One of the largest, family-owned bedding manufacturers on the West Coast, Spinal Care’s fine, hand-crafted mattresses combine exclusive materials with experienced craftsmen, creating the most incredibly supportive, comfortable and dependable beds available today. Created with support of your spine through incredible body contouring!

Materials from all over the globe—cashmere from Tibet,  wool from New Zealand, bamboo from Thailand, organic cottons from Alabama, —are combined with pocketed coil spring units, the most technologically advanced , high-grade upholstery layers, High Density Pre-Stressed Soy Based Reflex Foam, soy based Gel Memory Foam for cool comfort, and Micro Flow Fiber Panels, created by Spinal Care, the FIRST name in spinal support with eco-friendly materials!

Experience this blend of modern technology with timeless luxury in your pursuit of relaxation and rejuvenation.

A leader in Eco-Friendly materials, Spinal Care utilizes organic, cottons, wools, bamboo, and aloe vera. Soy based foams and Eco-Friendly fire retardants help to prevent out gassing of dangerous petro-chemical properties. Water based lamination of the padding layers doesn’t involve chemicals glues and helps to keep you and your loved ones safer!

The individually pocketed coil systems on these hybrid mattresses are incredible! King size coil count is 2036 coils! AMAZING! Superior body conforming and motion separation!

All protected by a spectacular 20 year non-pro rated warranty so you  know that you sleep investment is safe and protected by the best warranty on the market!

Pair these mattresses with our absolutely incredible Ergo adjustable base!


Fully head and foot adjustable, our adjustable bases come with both massage and wireless remote standard! Pre-sets, adjustable massage features, and automatic turn off all come standard on this fine adjustable beds assembled right here in Southern California!

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Dreamland Discount Mattress



California Mattress Recycling Fee…Like Recycling Cans? Not really…

January 7, 2016


So…December 30th, 2015 begins the California Mattress Recycle Fee to help promote recycling of mattresses. This is a charge of $11.00 per piece for every mattress and foundation sold in the state of California.

California’s Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act (enacted in 2013 and amended in 2014) requires mattress manufacturers to create a statewide recycling program for mattresses discarded in the state. The Program will be funded through an $11 recycling fee collected from consumers when a mattress or box spring is sold beginning Dec. 30, 2015.  The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is a non-profit organization established by the mattress industry that has been certified by CalRecycle to develop and administer the Program.”

On the surface we like this idea. Mattress recycling has got to be a HUGE issue. Originally, we thought that this fee was not only going to assist in recycling mattresses, but as a side effect it could go a long way to helping to curb the proliferation of used and rebuilt mattresses in the marketplace. But does it really do that? We’re not so sure.

Currently there are many manufacturers that make rebuilt and sanitized mattresses in the California market. We at Dreamland aren’t fans of the rebuilt industry. We’ve all seen trucks of every size and shape laden with used mattresses driving down the street. Chances are excellent that the mattresses on these trucks aren’t heading to recycling centers, rather they are going to companies that “rebuild” these old mattresses to be sold again to the consumer. On average companies pay about $5 per piece for these used mattresses and foundations.

So one might think that with a new “CRV” for mattresses that these trucks full of used mattresses would be encouraged to return these beds to the state appointed recycling centers to redeem the $11 fee much in the way that we recycle aluminum cans. Even if the recycle refund was $7, leaving $4 per mattress and box to fund the operating expenses of the state, it would be much more beneficial to recycle the mattresses rather then taking them to be rebuilt. Kill 2 birds with one stone…promote recycling and reduce the used bedding market…right? Not so much.

If a guy with a truck filled with mattresses and boxes goes to one of the state appointed recycling centers to turn mattresses in…they get zero. No recycle refund of any kind. So what does that mean? That means they will continue to take used mattresses and boxes to companies to be added to the consumer market again. And of course those mattresses don’t get recycled. We suppose it could be argued that having them rebuilt is in a sense recycling. But certainly not in the way the state would or should want it to be.

So now, let’s say a consumer who has paid the recycling fee wants to turn in their mattress themselves and recycle it and recoup the fee, or a portion of the fee, that they have paid at the time of purchase. What do they receive? Again, they get zero. Why would John Q. Public want to hump this old mattress way across town to recycle it? They get not a dime, and they have to do work to get it there. Additionally they are not required to do so. There is nothing in the new legislation that requires mattresses to be recycled.

How about the vendors that sell mattresses? We have to charge the consumer the fee, but even we are not required to recycle mattresses. We are required to pick up used mattresses from the consumer, for a fee, if requested by the consumer to do so. But we do not have to take them to a recycling center.

What do manufacturers need to do? Nothing, nada, zilch, zip…not a thing. Has anything changed in the rebuild industry at all? The answer to that simple question is no.

Some might be inclined to ask, if this is a recycle fee based on recycling, then why on Earth would I have to pay it at the time of purchase like a tax? Why not charge it at the time of recycle? Is it because no one is actually required to recycle?

That, my friends, is a question that we here at Dreamland cannot answer. We are simply to charge the customer and give the money over to the MRC. If you have questions about this, feel free to contact your congressman or senator. I have to be honest…I don’t ever remember voting on this legislation, and believe me, if legislation has the word mattress anywhere near it, I would have seen it!

All in all, does this legislation really address the issue of recycling? Not much from what I’ve seen. But admittedly I haven’t seen it all, so the jury is still out…I just hope that it isn’t a kangaroo court!